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biomarkers of toxicity


The term toxomiR refers to a selection of 19 microRNAs that are enriched in various tissues. Toxicant-induced changes in the transcription and secretion of toxomiRs are highly sensitive to toxic effects occuring in the liver, kidney, central nervous system, heart, muscle, lung, pancreas, vascular injury, and due to endocrine disruption. ToxomiRs can be analyzed in serum or plasma.

This review recently published, gives detailed insight into the clinical utility of circulating microRNAs as biomarkers of toxicity.

Analyses with the toxomiRTM panel are available as in-house service by TAmiRNA and can be used for:

  • non-invasive screening of toxic effects using serum or plasma 
  • identifying and monitoring safety risks in drug development
  • early detection of tissue injury 


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  • the toxomiR panel is only available as in-house service
  • 200 µL serum and plasma are recommended (lower volumes can be used but require pre-testing)
  • deep-frozen (-70°C or lower) serum and plasma samples can be used. Stability for several years has been demonstrated
  • 19 toxomiRs and 5 quality controls are measured per sample
  • ready-to-use data for presentation and publication will be provided
  • customization is possible: upon request the analysis can be targeted to a specific set of miRNAs/tissue


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service fee

sample number
EURO 275.-
EURO 194.-
EURO 175.-
EURO 156.-
EURO 147.-


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