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TAmiRNA – Triple A research and development of RNA diagnostics and therapeutics
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TAmiRNA – Introducing personalized medicine to Aging
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TAmiRNA – Harnessing the power of microRNAs for development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic tools
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TAmiRNA – Helping to enhance your stability and quality of life with advanced age

microRNA NGS and qPCR service

TAmiRNA services

our know-how for your samples

Our partners benefit from our longstanding expertise in microRNA research, and a broad range of high quality RNA services. 






We provide solutions for:

  • Quantitative analysis of microRNA levels in cells, tissues, extracellular vesicles and biofluids. Download Folder.
  • Laser microdissection and RNA profiling to decipher gene expression in complex tissues. Download Folder.


Use our study-design template to receive a personalized consultation for your project.



TAmiRNA had been with Dr. Attila Kiss and Prof. Podesser at the Center for Biomedical Research, Medical University of Vienna, over the last years, from study design all the way through ready-to-use data for publication.

"They have helped us getting the best from out data analysis and interpretation. Their flexibility and experience makes them an excellent partner of choice".   Dr. Attila Kiss 

additional options

  • Purification and characterization of extracellular vesicles (EVs) according to official recommendations by the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV)
  • Customized protocols for a variety of biofluids such as cerebral spine fluid (CSF), saliva and tears
  • Data analysis support using our proprietary normalization strategies and machine learning to discover and validate multivariant biomarker signatures with robust diagnostic performance 


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